A-E Electronics

About us

A team of about 200 employees welcomes you in A-E Electronics, most of them young, but who aquired a remarcable professional experience. English language is usual for technical documentation as well as for direct contacts with our partners.

The activities of the company are performed in an environment provided with temperature & humidity control, ESD protected, and having a total area of 6,000 sq. m.

The capital investment policy ensured continuous compatibility of the production equipments with the actual requirements of the military electronics, using classic technology (with Pb) and Lead Free technology as well:
   High performance SMT lines (up to 0201 components, fine pitch and MicroBGA);
   Automatical Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-Ray inspection;
   Wave Soldering , Selective Wave Soldering equipments under Nitrogen atmosphere;
   Degreasing and PWA contamination measuring equipments;
   Assembly facilities for cables and harnesses;
   Automated testing of electronic subassemblies (ICT, JTAG and functional test), and of cables and harnesses;
   Conformal acrylic and polyurethane coating;
   ESS equipments (random and sine vibrations, mechanical shocks, climatic chamber).

A comprehensive ERP system provides an optimal management of the material resources and costs, to the benefit of the customers by reducing the total time to delivery, and to the company’s benefit as well, by reducing the general operational costs.

The engineering activities are performed using CAD tools and the powerful database PLM.

Address:  12 Condorilor Street Bacau 600302, Romania;   Com. Reg. Nb.  J04/298/1998;   C.U.I.  RO 10372559;   Share capital:  3.378.700 RON
tel:  +40 234 585 800;   fax:  +40 234 585 900;   e-mail:  office@aee.ro