A-E Electronics

Test Solutions – software design

The specialists of Test Engineering Dept. are familiar with most of the testing technologies: ICT, boundary scan (JTAG) and Functional Test. For each application, the testability is assessed using proper software tools and, the testing technology / combination of those, is selected accordingly, so that the test will render significant results at the lowest costs.

Further, the test can be performed on a single test platform or on separate platforms, including – if required – programming of programmable devices (ISP).

The testing software is developed using specific development environments – Genrad for ICT, JTAG Technologies for boundary scan, LabView or ATEasy for Functional test and complies with IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1532 Standards.

Specific component characterizations (models) for ICT and JTAG testing are available. Based upon strong professional experience, our specialists provide technical assistance for our customers to improve the “design for testability” (DFT) of the electronic subassemblies.

The Functional Test and boundary-scan (JTAG) testing can be designed both for PWA and for LRU.

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