A-E Electronics


We commit ourselves to the full responsibility of entire supply chain, in the favour of our customer: purchasing, delivery of the final products, transportation, licensing, customs operations, by organizing and planning al the required activities and by cooperation with first rank specialized third parties.

We are accustomed to the international regulations regarding export control and provide assistance for our customers in this field. All our commercial operations are performed with strict conformation to these regulations.

The inventory management performed via the ERP system assures the timely allocation of the materials for manufacturing the products ordered by the customers and provides also a reduction of the total delivery delay.

Warehousing of the electric and electronic components, chemical materials is performed in controlled environmental conditions. Humidity sensitive electronic components are treated according J-STD-033, handling, packing, shipping and use of moisture/reflow sensitive surface-mount devices.

Address:  12 Condorilor Street Bacau 600302, Romania;   Com. Reg. Nb.  J04/298/1998;   C.U.I.  RO 10372559;   Share capital:  3.378.700 RON
tel:  +40 234 585 800;   fax:  +40 234 585 900;   e-mail:  office@aee.ro